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Reddit administrators shut down r/jailbait, a controversial section showcasing links to photos of teenage girls, Monday afternoon. The change came hours after users of the social news site alleged.

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman today admitted that he had. and replace them with moderators of the pro-Donald Trump subreddit, r/the_donald. Huffman — who posts on the site as "spez" — admitted to the.

Many more subreddits, including /r/science, have expressed solidarity with Taylor but remained open. Taylor was among Reddit’s most visible employees and a helpful resource for moderators across the.

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One of the biggest pro-Trump forums on the web, Reddit’s r/The_Donald, has been walled off. As of Wednesday, the social media site put the subreddit (which has more than 754,000 subscribers) under.

Today’s Reddit — a far cry from the obscure Internet forum that Ohanian and Huffman founded 10 years ago — is one of the largest sites on the Web, with the company estimating 164 million monthly.

In recent days, Reddit users have been posting the name of an CIA officer who they believe is the whistleblower on various message boards devoted to politics, conspiracy theories and pro-Trump.

The team personally moderated several pages on Reddit and then conducted interviews with 16 other moderators of some of the.

It looks like one of Reddit’s most controversial subgroups is being targeted by the site administrators. On Friday, ChuckSpears, one of the moderators of r/n***ers, alerted members of the white.

Swanson reminded members of one community about Reddit’s occasional decisions to ban entire communities wholesale. "Remember Anderson Cooper’s piece on /r/jailbait?" Swanson wrote. "Immediately banned.

"These kids are out of their minds they’re looking for ways to take reckless risks, and arguably they’re doing it to impress their friends on a chat site," Brown said. glitch was spread widely on.

Reddit began purging Nazi, white supremacist and other hate-based groups on Wednesday after announcing new policy changes aimed at culling communities that incite violence. The popular news discussion.

Reddit administrators’ decision to “quarantine” r/The_Donald, a subreddit forum for fans of President Trump and Reddit’s largest conservative community, is a recent and egregious example of social.

Reddit user Rather_Confused has frequently discussed his experience moderating the sub elsewhere on the site. “At one point I was banning dozens of people a minute for even the smallest infraction,”.

Reddit’s largest pro-Trump community, r/the_donald, was quarantined Wednesday morning following a deluge of posts that violate the site’s content policy. This announcement was made in a post attached.

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The image uploading feature begins rolling out today with 50 Reddit communities, including Art, Aww, Food, Funny, Gifs and EarthPorn (pretty nature pics). An eventual site-wide release is Reddit’s.

(And it’ll be slightly more difficult to end up on Reddit’s infamous r/Livestreamfail.) Going viral is a single-edged sword.