Who Votes To Elect The Pope

12 Mar 2013. The cardinal electors have gathered in Rome, and the conclave to. of voting, consensus is, Romans should look to the sky around Friday for.

13 Mar 2013. Of the 117 Voting Cardinals, 67 were named by Pope Benedict XVI. The remaining 50 were named by Pope John Paul II. (That 50 includes the.

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11 Mar 2013. Some facts about the conclave to choose a pope: longest and. the church decided to wait at least 10 days before the first vote; later, that was.

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22 Feb 1996. 33 of this Constitution, do not enjoy the right of electing the Pope are granted the faculty of not attending these General Congregations, should.

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Black smoke poured from the Sistine Chapel chimney on Tuesday, signalling that cardinals had failed on their first vote of the papal conclave to choose a new.

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15 Mar 2013. Newly elected Pope Francis appears on the central balcony of St. Peter's. He was 76, and many cardinals said they would not vote for.

7 Mar 2013. by Josh Fruhlinger. The Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church are gathering, right now, to start the process of electing the next pope.

According to the laws of the Church, the Cardinals choose the pope while. The current process of electing a pope has evolved from Pope Nicholas II's bull,

3 Jun 2014. Then, all the cardinals are locked away where they will go through potentially several rounds of voting until a new pope is elected.